Every Fall & Spring since 2014, we get the bands back together and travel to educational institutions across the United States and Canada to spread the message of financial literacy. Let's add your school, city or state to the list!

Fall 2019 Tour

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8/19/19 - North Middle School at 9:00 AM, Denver, CO (The Reminders)

8/29/19 - DSST: College View Middle School at12:00 PM, Denver, CO (The Reminders)

8/30/19 - Cole Middle School at 8:15 AM, Denver, CO (The Reminders)

8/30/19 - Cole High School at 8:15 AM, Denver, CO (The Reminders)

9/11/19 - Southeast High School at 9:15 AM, Kansas City, MO (The Reminders)

9/12/19 - Southeast High School at 1:30 PM Springfield, IL (The Reminders)

9/18/19 - Brashear High School at 1:30 PM, Pittsburgh, PA (The Reminders)

9/19/19 - City as School High School at 11:00 PM, New York, NY(The Reminders)

9/20/19 - Andover Central Middle School at 8:00 AM, Andover, KS Gooding)

9/20/19 - Andover Central Middle School at 1:30 PM, Andover, KS (Gooding)

9/23/19 - Chase County Schools at 9:00 AM, Imperial, NE(Gooding)

9/26/19 - Norfolk High School at Norfolk, NE (Gooding)

9/27/19 - Mills E Godwin High School at 10:00 PM, Henrico, VA (The Reminders)

10/2/19 - East Junior High School at Boise, ID (Carter Hulsey)

10/7/19 - Riverside HIgh School at 9:45 AM, Chattaroy, WA (Carter Hulsey)

10/7/19 - Riverside Middle School at 12:30 PM, Chattaroy, WA (Carter Hulsey)

10/11/19 - Brooklyn School of the Arts at 12:30 PM, Brooklyn, NY (Gooding)

10/15/19 - Ridely High School at 9:45 AM, Folsom, PA (Gooding)

10/16/19 - St. Georges Tech High School at 8:30 AM, Middletown, DE (Gooding)

10/17/19 - Caesar Rodney High School at 12:00 PM, Camden, DE (Gooding)

10/18/19 - MOT Charter High School at 9:00 AM, Middletown, DE (Gooding)

10/18/19 - MOT Charters High School at 11:45 AM, Middletown, DE (Gooding)

10/21/19 - Lincoln Southeast High School at 10:15 AM, Lincoln, NE (Carter Hulsey)

10/22/19 - Springfield Platteview Community Schools at 2:05 PM, Springfield, NE (Carter Hulsey)

11/1/19 - Thomas Middle School at 9:30 PM, Houston, TX (The Reminders)


*Notes, all performance times are local to event location


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