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As a wealth manager with more than $500 million in assets under management and clients in more than 40 states, Sacha specializes in retirement planning and distribution strategies, estate planning, charitable giving and managing inherited wealth at her namesake Millstone Evans Group of Raymond James.

Sacha Millstone

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Throughout Sacha’s career, her goal has remained constant: to help clients achieve their financial goals by planning carefully and creating portfolios designed to manage risk while reaping required returns. She helps her clients develop retirement strategies in both the accumulation stage and distribution stage, establish education plans, manage portfolios, analyze life and long-term care insurance needs, implement estate plans, and create charitable trusts and family foundations. Her approach emphasizes education as the foundation of building a strategic plan – the investment portfolio follows from the plan.

An early advocate of socially responsible investing in 1986, Sacha has helped clients create investment portfolios that reflect their values in areas including the environment, alternative energy, corporate governance and workplace issues. Additionally, she was among the first investment advisors in the Washington, D.C., area to be recognized for her expertise in socially responsible investing in 1986.

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