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Funding the Future is a nonprofit organization that teaches teens vital financial principles by organizing live musical performances at schools across the nation and creating a dialogue around financial literacy between students and musicians. 
We believe all youth can learn critical financial skills,
define their future, and obtain professional and personal success.

Our Mission

The Mission of Funding the Future is to educate students across the country on the importance of smart financial decisions, through a multimedia presentation including music, video and an inspirational message shared by a musical celebrity. Funding the Future emphasizes the importance of financial literacy at a young age.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Vision is to teach financial literacy to every student in America. By teaching financial literacy to this next generation of leaders, these young adults will make smarter financial decisions leading to increased professional and personal success.

About > Our Vision

"The music and prestige of the band hooked the students from the beginning, so when the message was presented, they were attentive and excited. They enjoyed themselves and walked away with a better understanding of financial literacy and how it affects their lives."

— Christie Radford, Assistant Principal and Curriculum Testing Director, Goddard High School, Goddard, KS

We need your support today!

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