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Our Team

We have an incredible team of staff and board members who are passionate about setting up tomorrow's leaders for success. To learn more about how you could get involved, contact us today!
Alisha David

Executive Director


Executive Board of Directors

Lydia Hamilton


Senior Complex Administrator

RBC Wealth Management

Denver, CO

Maggie Dixon

Vice President

Arvada, CO

Emily James


Development Manager

Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services, Inc

Oshkosh, WI

Derek D'Angelo

Past President

President, Michigan Council on Economic Education

Curriculum Development Director, Foundation for Economic Education

Sterling Heights, MI

Brian Paden


Nashville, TN

Board of Directors

Bethany Blair

Senior Associate
Kaalberg Giesecke, PLLC
Nashville, TN

Casey Sage

Financial Advisor, AAMS

Anthem Advisors of Raymond James

Clarkston, MI

Jennifer Stutler

Director, Private Client Banking
Raymond James Bank

St. Petersburg, FL

Mimie Yoon-Lee

Executive Director

Hightower Advisors

Chicago, IL

Michele DeHoff
VP, Chief Culture Officer

Jonah Bank of Wyoming

Cheyenne, WY

Colleen Schon
Senior Vice President, Investments

Anthem Advisors of Raymond James
Clarkston, MI

Patrice L.J. Sinclair, CEP®, CFP®

Senior Vice President, Wealth Management

North Star Wealth Management of Raymond James

Auburn Hills, MI

Advisory Board

Beth Beebe, AAMS

Craig Capital Wealth Management

Mason, OH

Dr. Jennifer Davidson

President, Nebraska Council on Economic Education, Associate Professor of Practice in Economics, College of Business Administration, University of Nebraska

Lincoln, NE

Carter Hulsey

Kingston Springs, TN 

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Ilona Box
Senior Vice President, Investments

Concierge Wealth Management of Raymond James

Naples, FL


Kingston Springs, TN

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Brandy Marrou

CPA, Managing Partner


Cheyenne, WY

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