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Funding the Future

  • Enhances your existing financial literacy curriculum or provides an excellent introduction to the concepts

  • Gives real-world education and examples of how to manage money

  • Delivers information in an uplifting, unique and effective way

"Their message is timely and important, and they give it in just the right way — never preachy or academic — just real."

— Mark Gordon, Wyoming State Treasurer,
Former Director of the Federal Reserve Bank, Kansas City, MO

Our programs are provided at low or no cost to schools.

Funding the Future works with each school to determine ability to support the program. Funding may come from:

  • Show sponsors: Our goal is to provide funding as needed to ensure that all schools have equal access to financial literacy education.

  • Available school district budget to present special programs that encourage their students financial literacy.

Program Costs to Schools

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"This was the single best donation that I have ever been associated with. The impact will be real... So again... THANK YOU!'

— John Coyne, President/CEO
Big Horn Federal Savings Bank, Greybull, WY

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