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 Learn why our program supports your educational goals, and request a stop at your institution on this year's tour.

Funding the Future

  • Enhances your existing financial literacy curriculum or provides an excellent introduction to the concepts

  • Gives real-world education and examples of how to manage money

  • Delivers information in an uplifting, unique and effective way

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"So often when planning a special event for students, you wonder if the time spent is worth it.  This program was so worth it that I highly recommend teachers and schools take advantage of the free "Funding the Future" concerts by the rock band GOODING.  The message from the presentation and music makes every student rethink about their finances and future.  The FTF organization and band management made it one of the easiest assemblies to organize.  We luckily had a live performance from GOODING in the fall of 2021.  The students loved the music and all the freebies.  The band was so professional and pleasant to work with, they even did a private meet and greet with our special needs students.  I plan on bringing them back every year.  You don't want to turn down this free, fun learning opportunity for your students."

— Teacher at Concord High School in Wilmington, DE

Our shows are provided at no cost to schools. We work with sponsors, donors and various grant programs to fund our shows. 

If you have a local business that may be interested in sponsoring a show, we would be happy to contact them as well.

Program Costs to Schools

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“Different fun way to teach something very important for the kids future, The kids were all engaged in the presentation, that was great to see.”

- Teacher, Grand Island Senior High School

Grand Island, NE

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