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Our Program

Financial Literacy Tour

Using the power of a live performance and their own personal stories, our Artists inspire young people, showing them how smart financial decisions will help them see their own dreams as possibilities.

Effective personal money management is an essential life skill. No one is born with it, but everyone can learn it. Through our powerful, interactive program, our program helps young people become more financially knowledgeable and set themselves up for success.

Topics Covered
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Our Headliners

Our performers share the raw experience of learning about money management while spreading their artistry. 

"Gooding and his band were a HUGE hit at our school. He combines a very down-to-earth message with humor and sincerity. Very relevant, but still a lot of fun. Our students immediately related to him. We will definitely have them back."

— Noel Friedline, Lecturer in Music,

University of North Carolina, Charlotte

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