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Who is Little Red?

You’ve seen him everywhere: stickered onto spiral notebooks and car bumpers, tattooed on the arms of dozens of fans. So who is that small red devil with a straight face and a tear in his eye? Who is Little Red?

The story begins with a record from the founder of Funding the Future: Kingdom 2 CEO and Head Songwriter, Gooding. The record, called Life Itself, featured the first incarnation of the teary-eyed devil as designed by Wichita-based artist, Wade Hampton. The concept evoked stories of meeting the devil at the crossroads and playing guitar so well it made evil himself shed a tear. Over time, fans began to attach their own meanings and interpretations to Little Red until Gooding and Kingdom 2 became synonymous with the logo. 

Keep an eye out at Gooding’s next Funding the Future Financial Literacy Tour stop! We bet you’ll catch a glimpse of Little Red – or maybe you’ll even catch Little Red himself.



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