Every Fall & Spring since 2014, we get the bands back together and travel to educational institutions across the United States and Canada to spread the message of financial literacy. Let's add your school, city or state to the list!
Where We Have Been:

Funding the Future has toured over 257 schools in 34 states and five provinces over five years so far. In the slate header above the map below, click the box with the left arrow to see the entire list of schools. Or, click one of the pins for more details!

Financial Literacy Tours: Past & Present

Spring 2014 - Winfield High School, Winfield, KS
Spring 2014 - JC Harmon High School, Kansas City, KS
Spring 2014 - Boys & Girls Club, Cheyenne, WY
Spring 2014 - Boys & Girls Club of Central Wyoming, Casper, WY
Spring 2014 - Whiting High School, Laramie, WY
Spring 2014 - Casper Kelly Walsh High School, Casper, WY
Spring 2014 - Cheyenne East High School, Cheyenne, WY

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