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Financial Literacy Rocked Pontiac

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

This May in Pontiac, Michigan, GOODING and The Reminders teamed up with guest Artistic Director Dan Trahey to create an immersive, week-long creative learning experience for youth musicians in the Accent Pontiac Social Change Through Music program. Though Pontiac is a struggling community, they are putting in a great deal of work to revive their local economy.

Throughout the week, the students, ranging in age from 7 to 11, were asked to consider the many aspects of money in their lives and coached about basic financial literacy principles. Their group assignment, an original vocal and orchestral composition inspired by the theme of financial literacy, was performed by the students, GOODING and The Reminders during Rock ‘n’ Art$ at Pontiac’s Flagstar Strand Theatre.

We are happy to share with you a suite of videos that shows how impactful the week was for these students – and everyone with Funding the Future. Please enjoy your behind-the-scenes look at this inspiring collaboration, hear from the students and artists, and view the full Rock 'n' Art$ performance below.


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