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Rockers teach students about personal finance

Weaving a high-energy, live rock performance with testimony of the artists’ life lessons on finance, two bands — GOODING, and Carter Hulsey with Me Like Bees — visited eight Nebraska schools to share with students how financial literacy and being purposeful enable them to make dreams realities.

“Partnering with Funding the Future and nationally known musicians has been the most fun and engaging way to bring the important financial literacy message to today’s students. The rock concert catches the students off guard and they are paying attention. Once the musicians establish their cool factor, students are open to the message.” - Jennifer Davidson, NCEE president and assistant professor of practice in economics at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln

After each concert, the band talks to students about the importance of saving, how compound interest works, why to stay away from payday lenders and how making wise financial decisions can help a person fulfill one’s dreams.

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