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Funding the Future: A rockin' good time

The band GOODING is passionate about financial literacy and sharing that message with music. Their songs aren’t about stocks and bonds, however; they play exciting and down to earth rock music, which endears them to the kids, allowing their message after the songs are over to sink in with more credibility.

Funding for the Future is a nonprofit that coordinates bringing live artists to different high schools, student groups, and kid oriented organizations to not only provide a free concert, but also give a crucial and entertaining lesson in financial literacy.

All too often, some of our children reach adulthood without ever hearing about the impact of weekly savings, the perils of credit cards and credit scores.

“Put your money away and let it work for you,” was a common sentiment that was said throughout the event, encouraging students to save money each week in an account like a Roth IRA, in order to let that money grow over time.

Read more from the Center for Financial Planning.


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